Covid 19 has hit independents hard your support keeps us going. I am still refining my website so please do get in touch if you would like to know more or to discuss specific commissions
Badger House Leather

Handmade in Somerset

Badger House Leather combines traditional skills with contemporary design, to create unique handmade items, using the finest, ethically sourced leather.

All of my products are hand made to order, so please be aware that delivery times may vary. I will always endeavour to have orders out within 14 days from point of order - but if you have a specific deadline then please do let me know and I shall try to accommodate wherever possible.


Learn to make leather belts, Satchels ,tote bags, journal covers, wallets and purses and more at your own pace, in your own way - and leave with something you truly love.

Due to the current situation with Covid 19 - participants numbers have reduced and were using a large spacious room to allow for safe social distancing

Leather workshops

A passion for leather

"I particularly hated the thought that any part of an animal slaughtered for food might simply be wasted."

About me

Sustainable leather

The environmental impact of commercial leather production is huge. Being aware of where and how leather is produced is a good place to start.

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